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Meet the Team



CEO, Founder & Senior Podiatrist

Simone, founder of the Footlift Clinic has a special interest in The Diabetic Foot, Circulation and  Improving Foot function. Passionate about creating long lasting partnerships that build trust with all of her clients, Simone pioneered  and created The Footlift Treatment as she feels that "Feet deserve to be thoroughly cared for and medically treated. The Footlift delivers just that."   Simone believes that offering consistent, professional care is essential for delivering excellent client service.


Co-CEO & Senior Podiatrist

Jonny is a highly skilled medical professional responsible for carrying out all Partial Nail avulsion and Total Nail Avulsion Nail Surgeries at The Footlift Clinic. From a physiotherapy background, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to The Footlift Clinic with an approach that puts an emphasis on general health and wellbeing. He treats his clients with kindness, professionalism and is highly skilled in all foot treatments at The Footlift Clinic.


Creative Brand Director and Co Formulator

Joan is the creative brand director and co-formulator of The Footlift London Cleansing & Hydrating Foot Cream. Joan is currently the Beauty Treatment Director at Issy's Belgravia. Joan pioneered and performs our signature Lift Manicures. 


General Practice Nurse Prescriber 

Nurse Leah  is a practicing Rheumatology NHS Nurse and our in house prescriber. Nurse Leah manages all Intravenous Infusions and Vitamin Injections for our clients at The Footlift Clinic. Nurse Leah also has  medical skills and knowledge to diagnose hypertension and does our Wellwoman and Wellman checks.

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