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I Used The Footlift London’s Cleansing & Hydrating Range and here’s how my feet were affected: A review of The Cleansing & Hydrating Range by Jo Robinson

I like to think I look after my feet. I see the Podiatry team at The Footlift London Clinic regularly and follow all of their advice. I wash my socks  on 60 degree cycles, I dry between my toes after showering, I wear flip flops right up until the second I get in the swimming pool, and I very rarely get gel polish on my toes. Yet frustratingly I’m still not immune to tired and overworked feet which can sometimes result in dry skin, hard cuticles and every so often, the dreaded cracked heels.

With sandal season fast approaching (although at the time of writing this in London towards the end of April, this remains to be seen!), if you’re anything like the majority of people, you’ll be thinking about some tootsie TLC. 

And whilst I’d always advise a game-changing medical pedicure  or The Footlift at The Footlift London Clinic

as the first port of call, there’s also the delights of foot cream and nail drops which are incredibly powerful tools to have on your nightstand not just as summer approaches, but throughout the year. 

I’m a long-time fan and client of The Footlift London’s team and services, so when they first released their products, I snapped them up instantly. Not least because their Founder and CEO, Simone, had kept me updated on their progress throughout the year prior and I knew they were made with so much love and expertise.

So a year (and a bit) on from starting to use their foot cream and nail drops from the Cleansing & Hydrating range, here’s what I’ve learned.

It is never too early to start looking after your feet

We are taught to cleanse, tone and moisturise from the minute we start understanding what self-care and skincare products are. And maybe it’s different for teenagers now, but I don’t ever remember being targeted with messages about foot health, and why the skin on our feet is just as important as the rest of our body.

Caring for our feet is often overlooked, yet given that they bear the weight of our entire body all day every day, they’re more than entitled to some TLC alongside our nightly cleansing regime. 

As with everything in health, prevention is always better than cure, and building these habits early on is key to maintaining foot health for years to come.

Bedtime spa time is a real thing

Ok, when I tell you that you will be obsessed with the smell of the Cleansing & Hydrating Foot Cream, I am not exaggerating. Yes, the product is a miracle worker for moisturising and hydrating the skin, but the smell! 

If you love a spa treatment but don’t have the funds to make daily trips (love this for you if you do), I can’t stress enough that this is a great alternative. Fun fact - the initial idea for the cream came about because a number of The Footlift Clinic’s clients weren’t able to attend appointments as regularly as they’d like to, and wanted an at-home alternative. And years of research and development later, the team perfected their creation.

In the same way that when you get up in the morning and brush your teeth it signals the start of the day ahead, for me when I use the foot cream it signals the end of the day, and time to switch off and relax.

Regular at-home foot care can save you money

Whilst nothing beats an in-clinic appointment for a foot health MOT, it’s not so fun if you’re forced into paying out for appointments to treat something that could have been preventable. 

Your feet are constantly on the receiving end of pressure from standing on them all day, every day. And if you’re living in shoes, which the majority of us are, there’s a high chance your feet have little time to just breathe. They’re constantly trapped and working away. Over time, this can lead to issues with the toenails, particularly for athletes, as well as cramping and pain. 

Having used the Cleansing & Hydrating Foot Cream and Cleansing and Hydrating Nail Drops religiously, plus making sure when I’m at home my feet are free of shoes and socks, it’s made the skin SO much smoother and my cuticles are so much softer. There’s a distinct reduction in hard skin and any discomfort, so if you want to avoid more trips to the GP or pharmacy, it’s worth investing in some at-home foot care and seeing what difference it can really make. 

Independently-owned brands really care about what goes in their products

I’ve become more and more aware of not only what I put in my body via the foods I eat, but also about what I put ON my body. Because ultimately, they’re one and the same. 

The skin is the largest organ in our body, covering every single inch of the external surface. And whilst the outer layer is only less than half a millimetre thick, due to its porous nature it can easily absorb the molecules of the products we put on it.

This is why it’s essential to understand the ingredients that are in the products you put on your skin. 

The Hydrating Foot Cream uses sustainably-sourced active plant ingredients such as centella which heals and repairs the skin, Bitter Cherry Extract which Exfoliates & brightens the skin, Whipped Shea butter,  which

Contains Vitamins A, E & F, is a natural #SPF and Abysinnian Oil which

Moisturises & Soothes the skin.

I can’t believe I waited until my thirties to start regularly seeing a Podiatrist, and I didn’t even know the scope of the work Podiatrists did until a few years ago when I walked into The Footlift Clinic. But finding The Footlift team and making their products a staple in my self-care routine, has opened my eyes to the importance of foot health.

If you’re reading this and you’re anything like me, meaning you spend the majority of your time in shoes other than wide open-toe sandals (or bare feet), then I would strongly consider understanding how you can look after your feet. After all, they are quite literally our foundations so if we look after them, they’ll support us even more.

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