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The Footlift – Why your feet deserve it



What is TheFootlift?


Our signature Footlift is a visibly transforming and therapeutic medical foot treatment carried out by HCPC registered Podiatrists. During the Footlift, every aspect of the feet will be treated, the nails are trimmed,  filed and hardened skin will be reduced  with medical grade sterile equipment. We diagnose and treat  conditions such as ingrown toenails,  athletes foot, verrucas and corns. A warm skin treatment is gently painted onto the soles of the feet which increases circulation, relaxes the muscles and injects moisture leaving the feet completely renewed and transformed.


Why do I need to see a Podiatrist?


As we approach Autumn and prepare for winter, it is particularly important to look after the feet as the seasons change.


Our Podiatrists have listed some common foot complaints that we treat during the Footlift and some tips in order to keep your feet hydrated and healthy from Autumn until winter!


Cracked heels – With the feet being enclosed in insulated shoes and for longer periods, this puts the skin under a lot of pressure and leads to dehydration or excessive sweating depending on the foot and skin type. The wet weather conditions can also cause the feet to become damp which  causes the skin to become vulnerable and crack.


Callus build up associated with exercise – We form calluses on the soles of the feet when there is pressure being applied to specific parts of the the feet. Calluses build up more during exercise as the feet are moving quicker and friction is increased. It is important to have the feet treated if there is a buildup of callus as this has an effect on gait, overall biomechanics and can lead to deep and painful corns developing.


Chilblains – As we go from our warm centrally heated homes to cold conditions, this causes the blood vessels to over contract resulting in painful, inflamed and itchy chilblains. Avoid placing your feet in direct contact with the heater or fireplace, wear 100% cotton socks and avoid walking barefoot on tiled or laminated flooring.



What Is the price of The Footlift?



Treatment Duration:60mins



How do I book?



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